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Watercolors - View on Amsterdam! Amsterdam has a dynamic landscape of historical and modern buildings, is a leading international creative living and work area and an attractive destination. Amsterdam has the ambition to make it one of the most attractive metropoles in Europe for its (international) inhabitants, visitors and companies. Because of this increasingly more people would like to live in the capital. With the light installation - Welcome to my Home(town), we offer you a property with perspective! Experience the optical illusion and think: what can Amsterdam offer me? It is Your Amsterdam, Your Metropole!


The light installation “Welcome to my Home(town)” – consisting of 5 separate objects – is a work that occupies but also creates space. The five light objects are located randomly on the water and together constitute the art work. Different locations, different views will give different experiences! For you as visitor off the Watercolor tour at the Amsterdam Lighting Festival, at first sight the light objects create an abstract composition, constructed by several white light lines. While the boat is moving towards the light installation, the shapes change from small to large, from loose to fixed, from chaos to order. When moving along the 5 objects, they’ll pop-up from flat abstract light lines into 3D perspective houses and vice versa. The image alteres by the changing position from which the objects are viewed. The light object can also be experienced from across the water and from the streets, searching for the best spot to see each building in its best view. At least, from every point of view, the work will provide a unique perspective. Choose yours!




Team Lighting Design Academy (LDA) exists of lighting designers, artists, architects,

interior architects, electricians and other light enthusiasts, all with the same passion; Light!


LDA is active in lighting design education around the world and makes sharing our knowledge about lighting, to our prior goal!


LDA headquarter is based in the Netherlands (Amersfoort). The educational program varies from 1 day courses to bachelor- / master- level educational programs.


Within the theme “View on Amsterdam”, Team LDA designed “Welcome to my home (town)”.


Bas, Ingrid, Ester, Bart, Inge, Jeremy, Marina, Maurice, Nicolle, Roland, Mijntje, Arnoud, Simona, Wesly, Berry and Ellen are proud to show you our light object for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2016/2017!


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